Data Analytics

Power BI and Tableau are both popular business intelligence (BI) tools used for data visualization and analysis. Power BI, developed by Microsoft, offers seamless integration with other Microsoft products and services, making it a preferred choice for organizations already using the Microsoft ecosystem. It provides a user-friendly interface, strong data modeling capabilities, and supports real-time analytics. Tableau, on the other hand, focuses on intuitive visualizations and interactive dashboards, allowing users to explore and understand data quickly.

Setup Data Management

Setting up data management involves establishing processes and policies for collecting, storing, processing, and using data effectively and efficiently. This includes identifying data sources, defining data quality standards, establishing data governance policies, and implementing data security and privacy measures. Effective data management can help organizations make better decisions, improve productivity, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience. 

Establish Data Strategy and Consulting

Establishing a data strategy and consulting involves developing a comprehensive plan for leveraging data to drive business value and competitive advantage. It involves analyzing organizational needs and capabilities, identifying data sources and opportunities, defining data governance policies, and designing a roadmap for implementation. Data strategy consulting can help organizations to make better decisions, optimize processes, and enhance customer experience.

Designing Data Platform and Engineering

Designing a data platform and engineering BI and visualization services involves developing a comprehensive architecture and technology stack to support data management, analytics, and visualization. It involves selecting appropriate tools and technologies for data integration, storage, processing, and analysis, and designing dashboards and visualizations to present insights to stakeholders.Effective data platform and BI and visualization services can help organizations to make data-driven decisions, optimize processes, and enhance customer experience.

Technology Stack