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Mobile Application Development
Creating mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms using programming languages like Swift, Kotlin, and React Native.

Mobile application developed by Demotic Technologies, designed to provide unified and secure access to Grant Thornton’s resources exclusively for employees.
This innovative solution offers the convenience of a mobile platform while
maintaining the privacy and controlled access of an internal company website.

It serves as a central repository for important documents, policies, and procedures, ensuring that employees have instant access to the latest and most relevant information. Security is of utmost importance, and our mobile application utilizes secure login mechanisms, encryption protocols, and access controls to ensure that only authorized employees can access the application and its contents. Our successful track record in SharePoint-based solutions, combined with our dedication to delivering innovative mobile applications, positions us as a reliable and trusted partner for organizations seeking to extend the power of SharePoint to their mobile workforce.
Demotic Technologies has consistently provided innovative solutions that meet the unique requirements of our clients. We highlight our ability to develop customized mobile applications that enable organizations to optimize internal operations and enhance employee experiences.

What sets our mobile application development strategy apart is our unique approach that leverages our extensive experience in SharePoint. Building upon our in-depth knowledge and expertise in SharePoint, we have successfully developed a mobile application that harnesses the power of this robust platform.
Our mobile application serves as a dedicated portal for employees, enabling them to access essential company information, resources, and tools anytime, anywhere, directly from their mobile devices. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, employees can effortlessly browse through various sections and access the information they need with ease.